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How to be an Intentional Inclusionist – with Dr. Nika White

When I first started thinking about my business, The Equity Equation, I knew that the focus of the work had to go beyond marking checkboxes and counting the number of marginalized individuals within the organization. The work needed to be intentional. It had to foster change not just with individuals but through the company ecosystem.…

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Beyond Compliance: The Legal Side of Diversity Equity and Inclusion- The Legal Side of DEI

Beyond Compliance: The Legal Side of Diversity Equity and Inclusion   In this episode, Sacha chats with Brittany Hale on the challenges of operating diversity, equity, and inclusion through a lens of compliance, the opportunities that come with shifting to a growth mindset, and how legal teams can support DEI efforts within their organizations. I…

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DEI 2.0: Moving from Awareness to Action with Dr. Janice

In this episode, Sacha and Dr. Janice Gassam Asare discuss the next phase of diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations and corporations.  They discuss the reimagining of professionalism,  how tokenism plays out in DEI work, and moving beyond educational workshops. Listen to this episode on a podcast platform of your choosing or click here to…

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Values, Professionalism and DEI

Sacha and  Adriana Crawford discuss the importance of companies aligning values and actions. We also discuss the limitations of professionalism. I am noticing quite a few social media posts about ‘professionalism’ and what is deemed professional. It’s been fascinating to watch because it’s a word that I’ve grappled with throughout my work life. Who defines…

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The Inclusion of Accessibility with Sheri Byrne-Haber

Guest Writer – Bronwen Nettles Recently “DEI after 5” had the opportunity to speak with Sheri Byrne-Haber, a prominent expert in the fields of disability and accessibility. Byrne-Haber has over 17 years-experience providing inclusion and accessibility consultation for customers and employees in a world primarily designed for the abled. She holds multiple degrees in business,…

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Wellness and Self-Care in DEI with Dr. Rufus Spann

Taking care of self is critical in DEI work.  In this episode, Sacha chats with therapist Rufus Spann.  They discuss the importance of self-care and wellness as practitioners continue to juggle demanding expectations. “Are you continuing patterns that keep you in a perpetual state where it’s not best for your health and wellness?” Or Have…

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence – with Farah Harris

In the first episode of DEI After 5, Sacha chats with Farah Harris.   This episode talks about the importance of emotional intelligence in doing diversity, equity, and inclusion work. ___ If you have followed me for a while, you have heard me say emotional intelligence is one of the cornerstones of diversity, equity, and inclusion…

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