60 days to self care DEI journal by sacha thompson

60 Days to Self Care Journal: A DEI Practitioner's Guide to Self Care

The 60 Days to Self Care DEI journal by Sacha Thompson helps DEI Practitioners create a self-care routine specific to their industry. You’ll show up better in your career and for your clients when your needs are met first. Order your copy!



A People Manager's Guide to Psychological Safety

A People Manager's Guide to Psychological Safety: Moving from awareness to action.

This guide explains the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety and provides tips on how you can start the process of increasing your team’s psychological safety and continue to build your management skill set as an inclusive leader.



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Foundations of Inclusion Courses

Transform workplaces with ‘Foundations of Inclusion‘: a self-paced program empowering diversity, equity, and belonging. Master inclusive communication, address microaggressions, and build a more inclusive future. Join the journey today!

Elevate Your Leadership: Join the Equity Leadership Institute's Inclusive Leadership Program

Master inclusive leadership with our program. Gain coach training, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety skills. Drive change, innovation, and collaboration. Elevate your leadership journey today.

Inclusion Interviews

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To Straighten Or Not To Straighten: The Difficult Decision That Black Women Face When It Comes To Their Hair

Quiet quitting isn’t a new phenomenon, especially for those from marginalized backgrounds. 3 women share why they had to quiet-quit to reclaim their identities.

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Why Is It So Hard to Speak Up at Work?

Clocking Out: Survival Mode is Not Working for Black Women at Work

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Is DEI Failing Black America?

What’s the future of work in the United States?

Learn about how Inclusion is changing corporate culture.