Heather Ricketts
Vice President | People Canadian Dental Services

Sacha is a passionate thought leader who’s demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting organizations and leaders with enacting real change and empowerment. More than just a DEI practitioner, she is an advocate, business partner, and influencer who provides practical and strategic solutions that help clients build transformational inclusive cultures.

Peyina Lin-Roberts, Ph.D.
Founder | Reap-n-Leap Coaching & Consulting

Sacha has positioned herself as the “voice for the voiceless,”. She not only has the lived experience and professional knowledge, she knows how to make space for uncomfortable conversations to unfold, while cleverly inserting her knowledge and advocating for the lesser heard. She is an activist on social media, a resource hub in her communities, and a bridge-builder.

Derek Smith
Founder | Plug In South LA

I love working with Sacha when it comes to cracking the code to build and to support diverse talent in tech. She brings an incredible amount of energy, passion, and insight to this work and knows how to get things done.

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“In getting coaching from Sacha, I felt comfortable being able to share some really vulnerable insecurities I’ve been struggling with in my DEI work, and was so grateful for how Sacha didn’t react to my sharing these insecurities with judgment or by invalidating my feelings. She held space for the things I was struggling with, offered insightful reframes, and helped me see how I could take immediate action steps towards working on overcoming my challenge areas. I would highly recommend Sacha as an excellent coach for DEI professionals looking to move past stubborn limiting beliefs.”


Rahimeh Ramezany

Angela I.

Sometimes it takes another person to see you and remind you of you. Including all the amazing strengths and goals, you have not forgotten just needed to take a breath as you build your path. Sacha did a fantastic job. She created a safe space to reflect and answer candidly.

Terricia C.

Sacha has been a wonderful coach. She really helped me regain my confidence after my experience with a toxic work environment. I appreciate that my sessions with Sacha were tailored to my specific needs and I will absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a coach in the future.